A modern version of the miracle of the Five Loaves and Two Fishes…

A modern version of the miracle of the Five Loaves and Two Fishes…

Donors LOVE matching funds. Who doesn’t want to double the impact they make to charities that are dear to their hearts? A couple who has been very supportive of FLL always donated at our annual gala, whether they could attend the event or not, because they knew we usually had matching funds at the gala and they wanted to take advantage of it. When we told them we didn’t have any matching fund at the gala this year as it was hard to find matching fund donors, they came up with a brilliant idea. They appealed to a group of their friends to build a big matching fund for our purpose!

What touched us most is that the wife has been fighting a serious illness. Despite her illness, she gave what she had, just like the little boy in Jesus’ miracle of five loaves and two fishes, and persevered in inviting her friends to contribute to the matching fund. Her gift did multiply! In the end, over 20 people responded to their appeal, donating over $50,000 in support of our Foundation Builders (Monthly Donors) campaign. Praise be to God!

This Christmas, would you become part of this “Five Loaves and Two Fishes”” miracle, as your gift to Jesus, so that He can multiply your offering to benefit many others? Our good Lord will accept whatever we offer and will multiply before our eyes!

Gift to Jesus, and through Jesus…

Just as the Yonder Star which had gathered many shepherds and the kings, bringing them to Jesus 2000 years ago, this couple has also gathered their friends in a team effort to make the same mission possible today.  Would you respond positively to this appeal to become a part of this team effort to give the gift of Christ to this world, which is in most need of God’s merciful love?

The three kings offered gifts to Jesus to pay homage to Him. Please offer a special gift to Jesus, and through Jesus to others now.





有一對十分支持《生命恩泉》的夫婦,每年無論出席與否,都會捐款予《生命恩泉》晚宴項目,原因是他們知道週年晚宴通常都有配對基金,而他們希望藉此令捐款倍增。當他們得悉2018年的晚宴因沒有善長捐出配對基金,而未能增加善款數字時,他們忽發奇想 – 主動向自己的朋友呼籲,組織一個配對基金,好使《生命恩泉》得到更多支持!









有一对十分支持《生命恩泉》的夫妇,每年无论出席与否,都会捐款予《生命恩泉》晚宴项目,原因是他们知道周年晚宴通常都有配对基金,而他们希望借此令捐款倍增。当他们得悉2018年的晚宴因没有善长捐出配对基金,而未能增加善款数字时,他们忽发奇想– 主动向自己的朋友呼吁,组织一个配对基金,好使《生命恩泉》得到更多支持!