NOW give a gift to Jesus, and through Jesus to the world with double the impact!

NOW give a gift to Jesus, and through Jesus to the world with double the impact!

A number of Godsent angels have given FLL a surprise gift! They have agreed to match, dollar-for-dollar, all new monthly donations made to FLL! That is, if you donate $50 per month, FLL will receive $100 in total because of your charitable act.

The Hope and Joy our Saviour brings heal the hearts and souls of all those who are without, making them whole and reuniting them to God the Father. This is the mission of FLL, tirelessly spreading the message of Salvation around the world using modern media and technology.

Donate today to double the impact of your gift! Imagine this: upon receipt of your gift, Jesus will multiply it beyond your imagination to save and bring hope to many, especially those who are most in need of His mercy!

Let’s become a part of this “Five Loaves and Two Fishes” miracle! On behalf of all those who will benefit from your angelic gift, thank you!!

You can make a 2X difference!

By becoming a monthly donor, your contributions will be doubled, allowing you to make a bigger difference in others’ lives, a difference that lasts, eternally!

If you become our monthly donor, your monthly donation will be matched by the $50,000 matching fund until it is depleted. If 100 donors signed up in January 2019, each committing to $50 per month, the $50,000 matching fund will be depleted in 10 months.

Through this monthly donation appeal, we want to encourage as many people to become our monthly donors as possible to provide for a recurring income for our ongoing mission. Please take advantage of this matching fund (must sign up between now and February 11, 2019, during the Lunar New Year period). All donations generated from new monthly donors will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, until the $50,000 is depleted.

Sign up as a monthly donor today to double the impact of your gift! Let’s become a part of this “Five Loaves and Two Fishes” miracle!




一群天主派來的天使預備了一份驚喜的禮物給予《生命恩泉》— 對等捐款基金,所有新加入成為每月捐贈計劃的善長,善款將以一對一的方法配對。即是,若你每月捐贈 $50,《生命恩泉》每月會獲得善款 $100






透過今次每月捐款計劃的呼籲,我們希望鼓勵更多善長成為每月捐款者,持續支持《生命恩泉》的使命。由現在直至2019年2月11日 (農曆新年期間) 成為新加入的每月捐款者,其捐款將會獲得配對基金的一對一配對,直至$50,000元配對基金配完為止。





一群天主派来的天使预备了一份惊喜的礼物给予《生命恩泉》— 对等捐款基金,所有新加入成为每月捐赠计划的善长,善款将以一对一的方法配对。即是,若你每月捐赠 $50,《生命恩泉》每月会获得善款 $100






透过今次每月捐款计划的呼吁,我们希望鼓励更多善长成为每月捐款者,持续支持《生命恩泉》的使命。由现在直至2019年2月11日 (农历新年期间) 成为新加入的每月捐款者,其捐款将会获得配对基金的一对一配对,直至$50,000元配对基金配完为止。